Zbrush Zscript 01 - Setup

General / 19 January 2019

I've been Making progress learning more about Zscripting and Macros - I'm not a coder so if you are starting from 0 like I did maybe my notes will help you.

Important Links:

Zscripting Forum - Requires a lot of digging around but there's a few great resources and helpful users there.

Zbrush Command Reference - This will look confusing at first but as you learn more you will be referencing it all the time.

Sublime Text - Really the best option for this type of scripting - I'll show how to setup the Zscript syntax below:

1. Install Sublime Text - here I have a simple brush toggle macro open as an example (I hotkey this to switch brushes on the same hotkey.)

2. goto Tools>Install Package Control

3. Let this install finish then press "Control + Shift + P" and Begin typing and select "Install Package"

4. Then begin typing and select "Zscript"

5. Goto View>Syntax and select Zscript

6. If everything went smoothly you should now see your document in the zscript syntax like so:

Now you are ready to read other zscripts and make your own with good looking syntax!

Note: All credit and thanks due to Siew Yi Liang for making the syntax work in sublime!

In the next part I'll show how to make some useful macros using this setup.