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Offline Editing for Art Station Blog–workaround

General / 09 April 2019

Can’t find any technical info about the art station blog – but it does upload from other blogs so here’s a possible workaround to allow offline editing:

1. Make a template in blogger – For my purposes this will only ever have 1 post in it I will replace over and over.

2. Posting to that template blog using open live writer - for example the post you are reading right now!

3. Finally uploading that blog post to art station – Uploads easily: but be careful to follow the AS formatting standards or things will be cut out by the up-loader:

So if you import to AS it tries to import 20 posts - so I plan to just keep this blogger template to 1 post and re-write it.  

Warning:  It publishes immediately on import so be sure you are ready for that.